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Биржа деловых контактов

Биржа деловых контактов

Our integrated team, specially developed methods and procedures of design management guarantee our clients on-time design development in compliance with the technical requirements and planned budget regardless of the type of projects and their location.

Designing includes:

  • Pre-design study (Feasibility Study);
  • Design Concept;
  • Geological engineering and geodetic engineering surveys;
  • Preliminary design;
  • Approval with state and non-state regulatory authorities;
  • Detailed design (Working documentation);
  • Designer supervision;

In case you have a construction project in Russia we can provide a full scope of designing services or offer you our expert advice in the following directions:

  • Independent design review to ensure it complies with Russian construction regulations and environmental protection requirements;
  • Recommendation for adjustments in the design documentation to guarantee successful project implementation in Russia;
  • Review and supervision of working documentation preparation in accordance with the requirements of regulatory procedures in Russia.